Online language courses 1on1



“My course is starting in 20 minutes, I’m in a hurry, and still have to find parking…”
“Excuse me, could you repeat that? What’s that written on the board?”
“Come on, say something… I’m waiting for my turn.”

Do you sometimes feel like this while taking a language course? Learning another language should not be a chore. SpeakNow offers English and German courses online, all you need is Skype and an internet connection. You can contact your teacher directly and learn 1on1 from the comfort of your own living room. Start your language adventure by personalising your learning plan and scheduling classes for times which suit you best. Classes are held online via Skype, while the speed and progress of your learning are adapted to meet your needs. Learning materials, exercises and reading/listening assignments are sent to you by e-mail.

We offer language courses from A1 to C2 level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). The level is based on a test you take to show your existing knowledge of your target language. Knowing the language skills and competencies you possess will help us design the perfect course for you.